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This course site serves as an exclusive site for all course writers/ module authors of the courses under the continuing education program of FEd.

The expected outputs are as follows:

  • completed horizontal plan/ syllabus
  • first draft of the module study guides
  • second/ revised draft of the module study guides + course guide + assignment guide/s 
Relevant guidelines (from the basic orientation for the course writers) are provided to help the course writers in the course development process.

Soc Sci 2 : Social, Economic and Political Thought

A survey of social, economic, and political thought from classical to contemporary times

Concepts, principles, approaches and strategies in social entrepreneurship and sustainable eco-friendly enterprise

ENT 104: Digital Technology Entrepreneurship
Course Description: Harnessing digital technologies and systems for entrepreneurial opportunities
Course Credit: 3 units
Number of Hours: 36 hours
Course Goals: 

  1. To understand the various technologies needed in developing competitive advantages; and 
  2. To equip students in managing technology using models and systems suited for digital entrepreneurship

This course aims to develop an understanding of selecting or developing appropriate technologies and systems needed for the successful creation and capturing of value for digital enterprises. Digital entrepreneurship involves harnessing technology for productivity, efficiency, and satisfying unique market needs to develop a competitive advantage relative to the competition.

Upon completing the course, students must be able to:

CO 1: Understand the fundamentals of technology management and the systems- thinking approach in entrepreneurship;
CO2: Understand the different types of business models and startup systems of various technologies in the context of global business;
CO3: Construct technology-based business models for developing competitive advantages; and
C04: Design tests in measuring the viability of technology-based business models

This is an introductory course on ODEL research for capacity-building of the CODTL Team towards the fulfillment of our research agenda in the next three years.